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If you’re considering getting laser hair removal, IPL/Photofacials, or tattoo removal, it’s important to do your research and find a reputable and experienced practitioner. There are many providers out there offering these services, but not all of them are created equal. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of questions to ask when shopping around for these treatments.

What efforts do you take to make sure the procedures are as comfortable as possible?

At Divine Laser MedSpa, we understand that some of our treatments may be uncomfortable for some individuals. That’s why we take great care to make each person feel as comfortable and safe as possible during their treatment.  One way we help provide more comfort is by using numbing cream, such as the Zimmer cooler to cool the skin while treating.

How many treatments have you administered yourself for whatever treatment you are seeking?

It’s important to ask about the practitioner’s experience with the specific treatment you’re interested in. Ideally, you want to find someone who has administered the treatment many times and has a proven track record of success. This can give you more confidence in their ability to provide you with safe and effective treatment.

At Divine Laser MedSpa, we are proud to say that we have administered over 100,000 laser hair removal treatments since 2001. This extensive experience has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges of different skin types. We are committed to providing safe and effective treatment to all of our clients, regardless of their skin type.

As for Lori Bigenho, she can personally attest to the transformative power of laser hair removal. She has not shaved her body in over 15 years, thanks to the life-changing effects of Laser hair removal. She understands firsthand the frustration and discomfort that can come from traditional hair removal methods and is passionate about helping others experience the same freedom and confidence that she has found through laser hair removal.

We are proud to say that we have performed over 125,000 IPL/Photofacial treatments since we began offering this service. This extensive experience has allowed us to become experts in the field, with an in-depth understanding of the latest technology and techniques for achieving optimal results.  Our extensive experience and commitment to using the latest technology and techniques make us a top choice for anyone seeking effective skin treatments. Whether you’re struggling with sun damage, rosacea, or other skin issues, we are here to help you achieve your aesthetic goals and feel confident in your own skin.

Tattoo removal is a complex and challenging process that requires extensive experience and expertise to achieve optimal results. At Divine Laser MedSpa, we are proud to say that we have performed over 45,000 tattoo removal treatments, using many different laser devices and platforms to effectively and safely remove tattoos of all colors.

Is your laser covered under the manufacturer’s warranty?

Another important question to ask is whether the practitioner’s laser equipment is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. This can be an indication of the quality of their equipment and their commitment to providing reliable and consistent treatment. If the equipment is not covered under warranty, it may be a red flag that the practitioner is using outdated or inferior technology.

What training have you had since starting to use lasers?

It’s also important to ask about the practitioner’s training and qualifications. Find out if they have completed any specialized training in laser hair removal, IPL/Photofacials, or tattoo removal. Ideally, you want to find someone who has received formal training and certification from a reputable institution or organization.

Lori Bigenho was a per diem clinical trainer for one of the largest laser manufacturing companies and has experience training doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

Do you attend annual conferences, such as ASLMS (American Society for Laser and Medical Surgery)?

Another indication of a practitioner’s commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest technology and techniques is whether they attend annual conferences and other educational events. The American Society for Laser and Medical Surgery (ASLMS) is a well-respected organization that hosts an annual conference and other educational events throughout the year. If your practitioner is a member of ASLMS and attends their events, it can be a good sign that they are dedicated to continuing education and staying current with the latest developments in the field.

At Divine Laser MedSpa, we take great pride in our commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest training and protocols in the rapidly evolving field of laser and aesthetic medicine. Our team of technicians undergoes continuous training and education, attending annual conferences such as ASLMS (American Society for Laser and Medical Surgery) and other industry events to stay informed of the latest advancements and techniques.

We understand that the field of laser and aesthetic medicine is constantly changing, with new technologies and treatments emerging all the time. That’s why we invest in ongoing education and training for our staff, so we can stay ahead of the curve and provide our clients with the most effective and up-to-date treatments possible.

We are also very discerning when it comes to selecting the devices and platforms we use for our treatments. We recognize that there are many devices on the market that claim to deliver similar results, but we have found through our many years of experience that some are far superior to others. That’s why we only use the most advanced and proven technologies for our treatments, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality care and results.

All of our devices are covered under manufacturer warranty, which means they are calibrated and tested every six months to ensure that they are delivering the correct amount of energy for safe and effective treatments. This provides our clients with peace of mind, knowing that they are receiving treatments with the most reliable and precise equipment available.

Do you attend continual training with the devices you have?

In addition to attending conferences and other events, it’s also important to ask whether the practitioner attends continual training with the specific devices they have. Laser technology is constantly evolving, and new devices are being introduced all the time. By attending regular training, the practitioner can ensure they are using the latest and most effective techniques with the equipment they have.

Other important questions to ask when shopping around for laser hair removal, IPL/Photofacials, or tattoo removal include:

  • What type of laser or device do you use for this treatment?
  • What is the expected outcome of the treatment?
  • What are the potential side effects and risks associated with the treatment?
  • What kind of post-treatment care is required?
  • What is the cost of the treatment, and are there any financing options available?
  • Can you provide before and after photos of previous patients?

Not all lasers are equal in effectiveness, and neither are all providers equal in experience.  By asking these questions and doing your own research, you can find a practitioner who is experienced, qualified, and committed to providing safe and effective treatment. Remember, laser hair removal, IPL/Photofacials, and tattoo removal are medical procedures that should only be performed by a licensed and trained professional. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and do your own research to ensure you get the best possible care.

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