Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Divine Medspa offers advanced laser hair removal services in Ormond Beach, FL, using Alexandrite and YAG lasers. Our state-of-the-art approach offers a secure and highly efficient method for permanently reducing unwanted hair across diverse body areas. This groundbreaking procedure revolves around the precise emission of intense laser beams directed at hair follicles. Within this transformative process, melanin in the hair adeptly absorbs the light energy, subsequently generating heat that impairs hair growth, ensuring lasting smoothness and freedom from unwanted hair.

Clients booking this service for the first time can book a complementary consultation to discuss treatment options and package pricing.
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Laser Hair Removal - Treatment Areas

Upper Lip

$65 per Session

Say goodbye to unwanted upper lip hair with our laser hair removal treatment. Achieve smooth and hair-free results effortlessly.


$85 per session

Experience the confidence of a smooth chin with our laser hair removal treatment. Enjoy a hair-free look with lasting results.

Cheeks or Sideburns

$65 per treatment

Define your facial contours by removing unwanted hair from your cheeks or sideburns. Qur laser hair removal ensures a sleek, hair-free finish.


$150 per Session

Unleash the beauty of a hair-free face with our laser hair removal treatment. Achieve a flawless complexion with long-lasting results.


$150 per Session

Get rid of the unwanted hair on your neck with our advanced laser hair removal treatment. Enjoy a smooth and elegant neck appearance without the hassle of regular maintenance.

Face & Neck

$200 per session

Combine face and neck treatments for a comprehensive hair-free transformation. Reveal a radiant, hair-free complexion.


$150 Per Session

Ditch the razor and opt for underarm laser hair removal. Enjoy the freedom of smooth underarms without the worry of constant upkeep.


$150 per Session,

Get ready for beach season with our bikini laser hair removal, which removes hair up to 2-3 inches from the bikini line. Embrace a carefree and confident look.

Extended Bikini

$175 per Session.

Upgrade your bikini treatment to the extended version, including a small section within the underwear line. Enjoy a more extensive hair-free zone.

Woman's Brazilian

$200 per Session

The ultimate pubic hair removal experience . Achieve a sleek and confident look with long-lasting results.

Woman's Extended Brazilian

$250 per Session

Take it a step further with the woman’s extended Brazilian, removing all or nearly all pubic hair from front to back. Enjoy a completely hair-free intimate area.

Full Legs

$400 per Session

You can get silky-smooth legs on afordable price. Enjoy the convenience of hair-free legs with lasting results.

Lower Legs

$225 per Session

Perfect for those seeking a partial leg solution, our lower leg laser hair removal. Achieve smooth calves with minimal effort.

Full Arms

$250 per Session

Say goodbye to arm hair with our full arm laser hair removal . Enjoy the freedom of bare arms without the hassle of regular shaving.


$200 per Session

Our buttocks laser hair removal can eliminate unwanted hair from your backside. Enjoy a smooth and confident appearance without the need for constant maintenance.

Full Back & Shoulders

$250 per Session

With our full back and shoulders laser hair removal, you can eliminate back and shoulder hair effortlessly . Enjoy a clean and confident look with long-lasting results.

Full Chest & Stomach

$250 per Session

Define your torso with our full chest and stomach laser hair removal. Say goodbye to unwanted chest and stomach hair and embrace a smooth and sculpted appearance.

Men's Brazilian

$275 per Session

Offering a tailored solution for men, our men’s Brazilian laser hair removal. Achieve a clean and confident look with long-lasting results.

Full Body Woman

$650 per Session

Indulge in the ultimate full-body transformation with our full-body woman laser hair removal. Enjoy the freedom of a completely hair-free body with lasting results.

Full Body Men

$800 per Session

Experience a head-to-toe transformation with our full-body men’s laser hair removal. Achieve a sleek and confident look with the convenience of long-lasting results.

Laser Hair Removal is a versatile solution that utilizes Alexandrite and YAG Lasers to tailor the treatment to an individual’s unique skin tone and hair type. The treatment provides long-lasting results and eliminates the inconvenience of regular shaving, waxing, or plucking. Scheduling an appointment with the professionals is the first step towards discovering the numerous advantages of this cutting-edge approach. Book your Laser Hair Removal service today.

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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal:


Laser Hair Removal is a suitable option if you have unwanted hair on different body parts. It is a safe and effective method for both men and women, regardless of their skin type or hair color.

You can see noticeable results after just a few sessions, with hair becoming finer and less dense.

The results are long-lasting, with some clients experiencing permanent hair reduction. Occasional touch-up sessions may be needed for any regrowth.

There is minimal downtime, and any side effects are usually temporary and mild, including redness or slight swelling, which typically subside within a few hours.

Before treatment, avoid sun exposure and do not pluck or wax the targeted areas. After treatment, use sunscreen and follow post-care instructions provided by your practitioner.

A handheld laser device will target the hair follicles in the treatment area during the treatment. You may experience a slight tingling or snapping sensation, but our practitioners will ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.

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