BBL® HERO™️ in Ormond Beach, FL

BBL® HERO™️ in Ormond Beach, FL

BBL HERO (Broadband Light with High Energy Rapid Output) is the most advanced intense pulsed light (IPL) device on the market. Utilizing next-generation HERO technology, BBL HERO delivers optimized and refined treatments, leading to superior results in fewer sessions.

By stimulating cell regeneration, BBL revitalizes the skin, resulting in a brighter and more beautiful complexion. Reverse the visible signs of aging and turn back the clock with our treatments.

Divine Medspa in Ormond Beach, FL, offers the BBL® HERO™️  treatment. This service uses BroadBand Light (BBL®) technology to help maintain youthful, radiant skin. The treatment stimulates natural regenerative processes, promotes collagen production, and reduces skin imperfections. It can be applied to the face, neck, chest, and hands for smoother, more even-toned skin.

BBL® HERO™️ Treatment Areas


$500 per treatment

$500 per treatment | $1300 for a package of 3

Rejuvenate your facial skin with BBL® HERO™️, addressing pigmentation, fine lines, and age spots.

Face, Neck, Chest

$700 per treatment

$700 per treatment | $1700 for a package of 3

Extend the benefits of BBL® HERO™️ to the neck and chest areas, combating sun damage and signs of aging for a comprehensive facial rejuvenation.


$300 per treatment

$300 per treatment | $700 for a package of 3

Restore youthfulness to your hands with BBL® HERO™️, diminishing age spots and improving skin texture for a smoother, more even appearance.

Full Arms

$700 per treatment

$700 per treatment | $1700 for a package of 3

You can achieve a more youthful and even skin tone on your arms by promoting collagen production with the help of BBL® HERO™️.

Full Legs

$900 per treatment

$900 per treatment | $2200 for a package of 3

Address skin concerns on the legs with BBL® HERO™️, targeting pigmentation and promoting skin rejuvenation for a revitalized and smooth look.

Full Back & Shoulders

$700 per treatment

$700 per treatment | $1700 for a package of 3

Combat sun damage and improve skin texture on the back and shoulders with BBL® HERO™️, achieving a refreshed and youthful appearance.


$500 per treatment

$500 per treatment | $1300 for a package of 3

Enhance the tone and texture of your stomach with BBL® HERO™️, addressing pigmentation issues and promoting collagen production for a more even and youthful look.

BBL® HERO™️ & Moxi - Face

$1000 per treatment

$1000 per treatment | $2500 for a package of 3

Combine the power of BBL® HERO™️ and Moxi for a comprehensive facial treatment, targeting a wide range of skin concerns for a radiant and rejuvenated complexion.

BBL® HERO™️ & Moxi - Face, Neck, & Chest

$1500 per treatment

$1500 per treatment | $3999 for a package of 3

Transform and revitalize your appearance with a powerful combination of BBL® HERO™️ and Moxi. These advanced treatments work together to address a wide range of facial, neck, and chest skin issues, giving you the ultimate rejuvenation experience for your skin.

BBL® HERO™️ is a treatment that helps address concerns such as fine lines, sunspots, freckles, age spots, and redness. Results can last for an extended period with proper maintenance, and there is minimal downtime with temporary side effects. To prepare for the treatment and ensure optimal results, avoiding sun exposure and following skincare guidelines is recommended. 

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Key Benefits of BBL® HERO™️:


BBL® HERO™️ is suitable for individuals looking to improve the appearance of fine lines, sunspots, redness, and other skin imperfections. Our practitioners will assess your needs during a consultation to determine if this treatment suits you.

Many clients notice improvements after just a few treatments, with results continuing to develop over time. Individual responses may vary, but you can expect visible changes within a few weeks.

With proper maintenance and sun protection, results can last for an extended period. Regular follow-up sessions are recommended to sustain your youthful and radiant appearance.

There is minimal downtime, and any potential side effects, such as redness or mild swelling, are temporary and typically resolve within a few days.

Before your treatment, it’s essential to avoid sun exposure and follow our skincare guidelines. After the session, we will provide post-treatment care instructions to ensure the best results.

BBL technology is used during treatment, which may cause a warming sensation. Most clients find the procedure comfortable, and sessions are quick. Experienced practitioners ensure client comfort and safety throughout the process.

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