Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal is a premier service offered at Divine Medspa in Ormond Beach, FL, using the advanced Picoway Candela system. This advanced technology is designed to address tattoos of all colors with its three wavelengths efficiently. Our non-invasive approach leverages laser technology to break down the ink particles in your tattoo, facilitating the natural elimination process by your body over time. To ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during your treatment, we incorporate the Zimmer cooling system, effectively minimizing discomfort and mitigating the potential for side effects.

Clients booking this service for the first time can book a complementary consultation to discuss treatment options and package pricing.
Special package and unlimited pricing are available with our complementary consultations.

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments

XX-Small (smaller than a nickel)

$75 per treatment

Ideal for those tiny tattoos, our XX-Small laser tattoo removal treatment efficiently targets and removes ink particles, ensuring a clean slate for your skin.

X Small (smaller than a quarter)

$99 per treatment

For tattoos smaller than a quarter, our X Small laser treatment is designed to break down and fade unwanted ink, providing a cost-effective solution for those seeking precision removal.

Small (smaller than an ID)

$199 per treatment

$150 per treatment

Erase tattoos smaller than an ID with our Small laser treatment. Experience targeted removal to restore your skin’s natural beauty, leaving behind no trace of the tattoo.

Medium (smaller than a dollar bill)

$299 per treatment

Achieve comprehensive removal for tattoos smaller than a dollar bill with our Medium laser treatment. Witness the gradual fading of ink, resulting in clear and rejuvenated skin.

Large (smaller than 2 dollar bills)

X Large (Half a sheet of paper)

XX Large ( full sheet of paper)


$300 per treatment

Our specialized Eyebrow laser treatment caters to the delicate area around the eyes. Safely and effectively remove unwanted eyebrow tattoos, ensuring a precise and rejuvenated look.

Tattoo packages include free infrared sauna treatment in between each session.


$650 per treatment

Conquer extensive tattoos with our XX Large laser treatment. Designed for maximum efficiency, this treatment guarantees the removal of even the most elaborate inkwork, leaving your skin clear and refreshed.

X Large

Our specialized Eyebrow laser treatment caters to the delicate area around the eyes. Safely and effectively remove unwanted eyebrow tattoos, ensuring a precise and rejuvenated look.

Additionally, we complement the procedure with a hydrocolloid patch applied post-treatment, which accelerates the healing process, giving the patient a quicker recovery time and rejuvenated skin. Laser Tattoo Removal suits individuals seeking to remove or lighten unwanted tattoos from various body areas. You can notice the results in a few weeks, lasting forever.

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Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal:


Laser Tattoo Removal suits anyone looking to remove or lighten unwanted tattoos.

You can typically expect to observe the results of the Laser Tattoo Removal procedure within a few weeks.

The results of tattoo removal can be permanent, as the ink is gradually eliminated from the body over time.

Laser Tattoo Removal involves minimal downtime and allows resuming daily activities shortly after the procedure. Side effects are rare, but some individuals may experience mild redness or swelling that subsides quickly.

Before the treatment, it’s important to avoid sun exposure, and after the procedure, follow aftercare instructions provided by our professionals.

During the treatment, you will encounter a sensation akin to a gentle rubber band snapping against your skin while the Zimmer cooling system keeps you comfortable. If you’re prepared to bid farewell to unwanted tattoos, seize the opportunity to schedule your Laser Tattoo Removal session with us today, embarking on a journey towards a clean slate and a rejuvenated beginning.

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